We specialize in designing and producing expertly engineered valet podiums, hostess stations, security stations, and portable bars.

About Us

Aoife /ˈiːfə/ Enterprises Inc. (AE International) began in 2008 with a bold statement: we can make this better. Since then we’ve used our design expertise to bring good-looking, high-quality, portable products to market. Our podiums, stands, and bars provide best practice efficiency that makes our products as fun to use as they are stylish. Our companies, The Portable Bar Company, The Valet Spot, The Security Station, and The Hostess Station offer base options with best in class features. Custom options let buyers create unique models to match decor and branding.

We have been continuously expanding our product portfolio and have gathered more than a decade of design and manufacturing expertise. We are constantly working to ensure we’re offering the highest quality products possible.

Feedback is an important part of our process. We actively listen to customer insights about uses and processes as we innovate to offer intelligently designed products that are more durable, and more effective.

The Valet Spot is a leading designer and seller of innovative and high-quality valet parking equipment. Some of the biggest names in the parking services industry rely on our design expertise to keep keys and technology secure and organized. 

The Security Station specializes in designing and selling high-quality security podiums that can withstand daily use by security professionals. Our products provide portable workspace and secure storage for physical security operations.

The Portable Bar Company designs and sells innovative, high-quality portable bars and accessories. Our fold & roll portable bars are some of the most stylish and customizable traditional portable bars on the market. Our innovative Flash Bars are ultra-portable, permanent-looking bars that provide unmatched customization.

The Hostess Station designs and sells stylish hostess stands to keep greeting areas organized and welcoming. These hostess stands offer customization to match decor and branding and are portable and durable to go where they’re needed and stand up to every day, all-day use. 

Modern Cat Designs creates upscale and functional cat furniture that fits into the modern home. Our love for functional cat products has propelled us to deliver cat-lovers and their cat uncompromising usability along with style.

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